White Label Personal Horoscope Store

Selling horoscopes from your own website has never been easier using our Personal Horoscope Store.

Because our Store is white-label, it can be styled up to match your website and what makes even more special is that it works on all devices, it is fully responsive.

You will be able to offer the following reports...

Astrology Calendar Report

A highly detailed 3 Month Forecast from the time of order. Important astrological influences are flagged up, with an interpretation and guidance on how to capitalise or deal with more challenging aspects.

Character and Destiny Report

This astrological report is circa 30 pages long and includes a detailed Personal Analysis and a Forecast for the following Two Years. Unlock your true destiny over this extended period of time.

Essential Year Ahead Report

A 12 Month Forecast from one birthday to the next. Uses Transits, Progressions, Solar Return, Planetary and Age Cycles. All are closely correlated with your Natal Birth Chart and its strengths and limitations.

Your Essential Year Report accurately predicts important changes in seven vital areas - your Career, your Lifepath, your Character, your Emotional world, your Intellect, your Love and Sex lives. This report is very easy to read and to the point.

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