Case Studies

Case Study One...

Proctor and Gamble were launching a new consumer product into Eastern Europe. The start country was Russia, and they required a Russian Horoscope XML feed service.

The development of the service was by International Advertising and Marketing Agency, Leo Burnett.

The client did not want and "off the shelf" white lable horoscope service, they wanted branded content, and they wanted it translated locally (in Russia itself) and they wanted Astrology Enterprises Limited, to find the interpretator, and set up the feed, based on the cyrillic alphabet. Astrology Enterprises also had one week, to get all this working smoothly.

Peter Ward Astrology Enterprises developer, worked around the clock on the development of the feed, Patrick Arundell used personal contents to find a formally trained translator in Moscow, Alexey Galitsky who quickly began the process of translation.

The XML feed required a custom schema from that usually used in the Western world of computing because it is based on a completely different alphabet, and yet all this was pulled together within the time frame, including helping to develop a widget, that enabled consumers in Russia with only intermittent dial up access, to download a week of Daily Horoscopes in advance, at all times.

Cast Study Two...

Astrology Enterprises Limited provided HTML5 Horoscope Videos for a TV set-top box streaming channel along with various text based XML Horoscope content. The content was customised into the Corporate Livery of the client.
Astrology Enterprises were able to speedily satisfy all these needs, and the company remains a highly valued client.
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