Mobile Promotions

Astrology Enterprises Limited

can offer innovative Competitions and Prize Draws utilising Premium rate Horoscope Texts in SMS and WAP Mobile telephony.

Revenue raising campaigns

A typical horoscope themed campaign requires the entrant to answer a question. This can be multiple choice of something really simple. The entrant is required to send in a keyword followed by their answer to a short code (such as 83399). They then receive a chargeable message back. This could be for example, what animal is associated with Leo, is it a) A Tiger b) A Snake or c) A Lion. The answers that are correct are correlated and have the chance to win a glamorous prize. A weekend in Paris for two, for example.

The service captures the entrant’s mobile phone number and we will be able to advise them if they have been successful in using the number.

Astrology Enterprises Limited

provides the campaign host with a web based interface. This enables the business to manage their own competitions and view the results instantly, and measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Free to enter or standard rate campaigns

The campaign host may wish to use this solution in order to gather data or promote a service or branding without charging the entrant. This could be for example, such as the opportunity to win a Free Personal Horoscope. In this case the text may be absolutely free or the tariff the nominal price of a standard rate.

Client Benefits of Competition/Prize Draw Services

• Generate instant revenue stream.
• Promote product awareness.
• Customer interaction.
• Qualified data collection.
• Provide incentive for entrant to leave data or make a    subscription to say a magazine.

Customer benefits

• A chance to win a prize of interest to them and that is    unique.
• A means to interact with a supplier.
• No forms to fill in or tickets to buy.
• Entrants receive a message direct to their mobile informing    them of the result